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Tab Sink for the End of 2012

Note: this is an old post that I’ve had for months in my pipeline waiting for another project

The tab sink for the end of 2012 (originally I started this post Oct 20 2012)

Most of these stuff were on my tabs for the whole week (and even weeks before that) and just now I managed to filter and check them.

  • Last month the Surge conference happened (http://omniti.com/surge/2012) with a lot of goodies. This week the videos were published and there’s lots of good stuff. I can highlight two examples (not that the other are not good):

    Arthur Bergman and Mysteries of a CDN explained (Fastly)

    Pedro Canahuati and Operating at Scale (Facebook)

  • A distributed counter from basho, presented at RICON: riak_dt. I think the videos are on the way. I’ve watched it through live streaming. Good stuff all around.

  • Still on conferences, it seems like Monitorama will be interesting. There’s lot on monitoring to be said - less on tools more on doing the smart things. (This presentation )[https://speakerdeck.com/u/obfuscurity/p/the-state-of-open-source-monitoring] from @obfuscurity is a great review and starting point. Fuck nagios.

  • Make sure to review (Agile Data)[http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9781449326265/index.html] from Russel Jurney - although I always associeate “Agile” with bikeshedding this is only on the title and the book means it. From Chapter 2 on you will find practical examples on data analysis. The pieces on email are very interesting.

  • Sketching data structures are summaries of structures that otherwise would take a lot of space/time to process. This review takes on Bloom Filters and Count-Min structures in a very clear manner. Be the smart guy in your local bikeshedding meeting by throwing away a “well we’ve had webscale data so I’ve reimplemented my indexes as count-min just for fun”.

  • A series from Performance Dynamics on Little’s Law and I/O performance here and here plus a piece on bandwidth vs latency. Let’s get educated.

  • A piece on graph based recommendation engine using neo4j. Worth the exercise, this might help on event correlation too (same principle but diff techniques to relate cluster of data).

  • A private PaaS with Mongrel2 and ZeroMQ odd but very complete. I’ve tried with mixed results but can see the reasoning on extending mongrel2 to do it.

  • Still on PaaS What happens when you push to heroku and openruko github repo are full of awesome by @nonuby

  • hipache is a http and ws proxy/router. These things are the heart of a PaaS. I’d love to see it as a nginx module. It’s doable with openresty but involves lua and other modules. From the great @dotcloud team.

  • We’ve started this year a series of techtalks at (http://www.locaweb.com.br) to spread the knowledge and create a sense of community inside the company. Mediacore was our platform of choice to manage the videos. Yeah, create your own youtube etc.

  • Jeez I dont even…. browserver - it works, but oh god why :D nice code and concept, I wish it was torrent so we could p2p between browsers nearby.

Keep tuned. This list is bound to get back as soon as I clog my browser with tabs again ((anytime between one weekend/2 weeks)). Cheers.